I graduated with a B.E. (Honors) in Computer Science from BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus. As a part of my undergraduate course, I completed a semester-long thesis in blockchain research at the University of Southern California.


I currently work on the Eth2.0 protocol at the Ethereum Foundation.

My expertise lies in blockchain research, and my current focus is consensus, sharding, and proof-of-stake. I also have experience in crypto-economic constructions such as token-curated registries and atomic swap protocols.

If my background meets your requirements, then please reach out to me on LinkedIn, or email me at i AT adiasg DOT me.


I grew up in Pune, India, where I completed my schooling till the 12th grade. I then moved to Goa to attend college. Goa is a beach town, and the favorite pastime of students was spending evenings at one of the many beautiful beaches. With so many fond memories of college life being at beaches, I’ve naturally developed a strong affinity for sandy shores.

One of the many Goan sunsets I've enjoyed

I like to explore new places – new cultures & cuisines are something I like to experience.

At the La Tomatina festival in Spain with my buddies

Snorkeling in Sydney, Australia

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